Working with parametric in Cheetah mode

The work with geometric and dimensional constraints in Cheetah mode is quite similar to that of the standard AutoCAD mode.

Working in Cheetah mode you use for parametric work the same controls of the Parametric tab of AutoCAD Ribbon control and the same parametric commands of AutoCAD. However, in  Cheetah mode these commands and buttons work with Cheetah constraints (instead of AutoCAD constraints) and corresponding system of constraints equations is resolved by Cheetah Solver (instead of built-in AutoCAD solver).

Show/hide Cheetah geometric constraints.

For instance, you can show/hide constraints (both geometrical and dimensional) in the same way as you do it in the standard AutoCAD using “Show/Hide”, “Show All”, and “Hide All” buttons in the Ribbon control. Constraints icons looks quite similar to the standard constraints icons of AutoCAD.

You can delete all (or selected) constraints using “Delete Constraints” button of the Ribbon control.

Delete selected Cheetah geometric constraints.

You can also delete constraint by selecting its icon (just click corresponding icon) and pressing “Delete” key on the keyboard.

In the similar way, you can show/hide/delete dimensional constraints.

Show/hide selected Cheetah dimensional constraints.
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