What constraint corresponds to what entity

When you have many constraints in your model (note, that Cheetah Solver can resolve much more complicated constrained models, than models resolvable by the standard AutoCAD solver), it might be difficult to understand to what entities corresponds this or that constraint, and the opposite – what constraints correspond to the given entity.

For Cheetah mode, we implemented functionality similar to that of the native AutoCAD functionality (though, in some cases the behavior is not exactly identical) to help AutoCAD user with previous parametric experience in AutoCAD feel comfortable working in Cheetah mode.

For instance, likewise to behavior of the native AutoCAD parametrics, you can place cursor on some constraint icon (you don’t need to click the icon) and the entities, corresponding to this constraint, will be highlighted in blue .

Two line segments, corresponding to the perpendicular constraint, are highlighted.

Similarly, you can place cursor on some entity (for instance, some line segment) and all constraints, corresponding to this entity, will be highlighted by the blue frame:

Three constraints, corresponding to the line segment, are highlighted.
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