We need your feedback

Versions 1.0.x of Cheetah plugin were, actually, a Technology Preview versions. They were incomplete. For instance, some functionality was not included in the first release (version 1.0.8):

  • Cheetah constraints for ellipses and splines.
  • Autoconstrain for Cheetah constraints (already implemented in R.1.0, Update 3).
  • Undo for adding/deleting Cheetah constraints (already implemented in R.1.0, Update 1).
  • Most “Modify” operations (such as Fillet, Trim, Array …) with Cheetah constraints (already implemented in R.1.0, Update 3).
  • Cheetah constraints in block editor (implemented in Release 2.0).

The Release 2.0 is much more mature. That’s why we decided to start sales of this product.

The main functionality, which is not implemented yet in Release 2.0 of Cheetah plugin, is the functionality connected with ellipses and splines.

Certainly, there might be some bugs in the code. You can significantly help us to improve the product, if you’ll report us on any problem in the behavior of Cheetah Solver plugin that you’ll notice».. Let’s make Cheetah Solver better!

We sincerely appreciate your help in making Cheetah solver better. And we want more feedback from you. Don’t hesitate to send mails to support@cloud-invent.com.

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