Questions and Answers


Questions & Answers

How to get Cheetah Solver Plugin for AutoCAD?
  • Go to “Try And Buy” Section.
  • Select desired subscription type.
  • For free trial version select this.
  • Add it to cart.
  • Select “Cart” icon on the right side of menu bar and choose “View Cart” or “Checkout”.
  • After placing the order, you will see your serial number; plugin download will start automatically.
How to install and activate Cheetah Solver Plugin for AutoCAD?
  • Run Cheetah.Setup.exe and install Cheetah Solver Plugin.
  • Open AutoCAD.
  • Open Add-ins tab on the ribbon bar.
  • Click “Switch On” button.
  • In Activation window input your serial number and click activate.


Read more about installation, uninstallation, and activation Cheetah Solver Plugin.

How to start using Cheetah Solver Plugin for AutoCAD?
  • Open “Add-ins” tab on the ribbon bar.
  • Click “Switch On” button.
  • Activate Cheetah Solver Plugin, if you did not activate it yet, by inputting your serial number.
  • Now Cheetah Solver is active, and when you set constraints, they will be processed by Cheetah Solver instead of built-in AutoCAD solver.
  • Click “Switch Off” button and use regular AutoCAD constraints.


Note, that when you are enabling Cheetah Solver, all AutoCAD Constraints will be converted to Cheetah Constraints. After disabling Cheetah Solver Cheetah Constraints will be hidden and will not be converted to AutoCAD Constraints automatically. To convert Cheetah Constraints to AutoCAD Constraints use “Convert” button.

Read more about enabling and disabling Cheetah Solver here.
Read more about converting Cheetah Constraints back to AutoCAD Constraints here.

Where can I find my serial number to activate Cheetah Solver Plugin for AutoCAD?

A serial number is the first you will see after you complete a payment or, in a case of requesting a free trial, after placing the order.

Secondary you will receive a confirmation e-mail with your serial number.

Also, you can find your serial number in your profile section in a “My orders” group.

I have not received e-mail with my serial number, what should I do?

First, please, check your spam folder (just in case).

Also, you can find your serial number in your profile section. Please, sign in, and open profile section in “My Orders” group you will see your actual serial number(s).

If you can nod find confirmation e-mail nor serial number in the profile section, please contact us by e-mail:

How can I ask a question about Cheetah Solver Plugin for AutoCAD or to report a bug?

Nothing’s easier – proceed to our forum and create a new topic.

To help us fix the bug faster, please, specify as much information about your problem as possible. Attach to the topic screenshots of the bug and, if it is possible, the file where the bug appears.

We recommend you to look into our documentation and other support topics before posting new bug. Maybe your problem is already fixed?

Another option to ask us about Cheetah Solver Plugin behavior is to contact us personally by mail:

I think, I know a useful feature, you have not implemented yet, can I request it?

We are all the time looking for the way to improve user experience and satisfaction, so if you need something that we had not implemented yet (f.e. specific constraint or some AutoCAD feature support), please, tell us about it=)

Post your request in the “Requesting new features” thread, or create a new topic in a forum.