Main commands

Icon Command Command Description
  CHEETAHON This command switch off parametrics of AutoCAD and activates parametrics of Cloud Invent. Cheetah solver is more robust and regenerates constrained model much faster than the native AutoCAD solver. When you switch from the native AutoCAD mode to Cheetah mode, Cheetah plugin converts all native AutoCAD constraints into Cheetah constraints and deletes all AutoCAD constraints from the database.
  CHEETAHOFF This command switch off Cheetah solver and returns back to the native AutoCAD mode. However, when you switch from Cheetah mode to AutoCAD mode, Cheetah constraints are not deleted from the database – they are preserved in the Cheetah dataset. If you switch back to Cheetah mode, all Cheetah constraints will return back.
  CHEETAHCONVERT This command also switch off Cheetah solver and switch on native AutoCAD mode. The difference with the command CHEETAHOFF is that it converts all Cheetah constraints into AutoCAD constraints and after that deletes all Cheetah constraints.
  CHEETAHACTIVATION Use this command to activate Cheetah Solver plugin after installation. This command launch Activation Dialog where you should enter serial number that you received by e-mail after downloading Cheetah Solver plugin from Autodesk App Store. You can use the same Activation Dialog if you prefer not to activate Cheetah Solver plugin online, but to load license file that you can receive by e-mail from Cloud Invent support. The same Activation Dialog is used to deactivate your license.
  CHEETAHAUTOCONSTRAIN Cheetah Solver plugin for AutoCAD has a new Autoconstrain function that allows to find thousands of constraints in few seconds. It is much more fast and reliable than the standard Autoconstrain of AutoCAD.
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