Geometric constraints for Cheetah Solver Plugin

We implemented constraints icons for the Cheetah parametrics using AutoCAD blocks. Thus, constraint icons in Cheetah mode look a little bit different from the corresponding constraint icons in the native AutoCAD parametrics.

The behavior is also a little bit different. For instance, in AutoCAD mode, when you move cursor on some constraint icon, the frame with a small cross in the upper-right corner appears – in Cheetah mode, this is not implemented. Another difference – when you right-click some constraint icon, in AutoCAD mode, the corresponding popup menu appears. This is also not implemented in Cheetah mode.

We hope that these small differences will not confuse AutoCAD users, when they will work with Cheetah solver.

Native AutoCAD constraint icons (left) and Cheetah constraints icons (right)


Cheetah constraints blocks

In the further version of the Cheetah plugin, we’ll try to reach more close similarity between UI of geometric constraints in AutoCAD mode and in Cheetah mode.

IMPORTANT NOTE: After installing Cheetah plugin, you will have some predefined blocks in the list of blocks (see Fig.74). These blocks are used to show Cheetah geometric constraints and provide corresponding functionality – show/hide constraints, delete constraints, show entities, corresponding to a given constraint, etc.

Don’t delete these blocks!

If you delete some of these blocks from the list of blocks, Cheetah constraints functionality will be damaged.

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