For cad vendors


For CAD Vendors and Independent Developers

Ground-breaking parametric technology adaptable to any CAD platform

Resolving constrained geometric models

Cheetah Solver is a ground-breaking parametric technology that reinforces users to work with CAD software. It enables them to use the full power of parametric modeling for much more efficient sketching, design modification, and motion simulation. Integrating Cheetah Solver into your software application provides a powerful and robust geometric constraint solving capability that boosts your user productivity and lowers engineering costs and errors.


Make your CAD app more powerful

Enforce your users with the powerful and robust parametric tool to easily modify previously created objects regardless of complexity.

  • x100 more geometric constraints
  • x1000 faster
  • Uses full power of multi-core CPUs
    and many-core GPUs

Get a new competitive edge

Address one of the most painful problems experienced with parametric constraints in CAD design.

  • Increase your market share by attracting new segments of users
  • Save your development investments
  • Speed up your time to market

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