Demo 6 – one more ornament

Demo 6 – one more ornament

Let’s look on one more ornament:

This constrained model is also problematic for AutoCAD solver

The first thing we see is that regeneration of the model is very slow – about half a minute for each movement of the mouse.

The drag is very-very slow. Symmetry is not preserved

The second thing that we can notice is that the symmetry of the model is not preserved – horizontal line segments at the bottom of the drawing don’t remain collinear.

However, if we try to add “Collinear” constraint to some pair of these line segments, we see that AutoCAD solver don’t allow us to do it – it says that the new constraint conflicts with the existing constraints (in reality there are no conflicts here):

Solver of AutoCAD don’t want to add more constraints

This is the typical behavior of AutoCAD, when a model becomes too complicated for it – it is not able to recognize when there are conflicts between constraints and when there are no conflicts.

If we switch to Cheetah mode, we can easily add all the required constraints, and after that easily modify this model (preserving the symmetry of the model):

With Cheetah solver, there no problems with this constrained model
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