Demo 3 – mechanical simulation

Demo 3 – mechanical simulation

The next sample, which we discuss here, is from real life. This is the drawing of a cupboard door mechanism.

We would like to drag this handle of the door and see the mechanism in action:

“Cupboard” model.

This model contains both geometric constraints:

Geometric constraints of the “Cupboard” model

and dimensional constraints:

Dimensional constraints of the “Cupboard” model

As you can expect, AutoCAD solver can do nothing with this model:

For AutoCAD solver, this model is unresolvable

Working in Cheetah mode you can easily drag the handle of the cupboard door. During drag, you can check possible mechanical collisions:

Different mechanical collisions

As you can see, the combination “AutoCAD + Cheetah Solver” might be a very useful tool for kinematic simulations. And this “Cupboard door” model is far from the limits of its opportunities. Cheetah solver may be used to simulate the work of much more complicated mechanisms.

On the other hand, if you work without Cheetah solver (using built-in solver of AutoCAD), then you can do nothing of this kind with AutoCAD. Even for rather simple models (like the model described in this section) the built-in solver of AutoCAD is helpless.

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