Demo 15 – Autoconstrain

Demo 15 – Autoconstrain

Autoconstrain is one of the most important functions of AutoCAD. It allows to get some non-constrained geometric model and automatically find all reasonable geometric constraints there.

Standard Autoconstrain function of AutoCAD

This function of AutoCAD works both in the native AutoCAD mode and in Cheetah mode.

The problem with this function is that it works nice only with rather simple models – containing not more than 100 of entities. When model is more complicated the result might be far from what you expected to have. What is worth, this function is very slow for complicated drawings – for models containing some thousands of entities you can wait some hours (!) for this operation to be finished.

To resolve this user’s pain, we added in Cheetah Plugin R.2.0 new Autoconstrain function:

New Autoconstrain function based on Cheetah Solver

You can compare the work of standard Autoconstrain and that of Cheetah. For the model Demo15.dwg, presented in “Demo 15 – Autoconstrain” folder, Cheetah do the job in 20 seconds, native Autoconstrain of AutoCAD do the same job in half an hour.

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