Demo 14 – Enhanced drag mode

Demo 14 – Enhanced drag mode

In Release 1.0 of Cheetah Solver plugin only one drag mode was implemented. The drag point was to follow the mouse cursor:

The standard drag mode, when drag point is following the mouse cursor

This behavior is natural, but some geometric models are constrained in such a way that some points may not be to move able in any direction you like. Thus, they can’t follow the mouse cursor.

For such a situation, in native AutoCAD mode drag point may not follow exactly the mouse cursor.

In Release 2.0 of Cheetah plugin we implemented similar dragging in Cheetah mode. In our approach, we are looking for a drag point position such that:

  1. All constraints are satisfied.
  2. The drag point has a nearest possible position to the position of the mouse cursor.
Enhanced drag mode – drag point not following exactly mouse cursor

In the sample on the image above we have a fixed circle and a line segment with one end point fixed, while the other end point has point on circle constraint. In the standard drag mode we were not able to drag the second end point. With new drag mode, these is not a problem anymore.

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