Converting Cheetah constraints into AutoCAD native constraints

In Update 1 for Cheetah Plugin Release 1.0 one more option to switch off Cheetah mode was added. With this function, you can return to native AutoCAD mode without losing all constraints created while working in Cheetah mode (or converted previously from AutoCAD constraints) – you can convert back all Cheetah constraints into native AutoCAD constraints.

To do this you should click the “Convert” button (instead of “Switch Off” button):

Switching off Cheetah mode with conversion of Cheetah constraints.

Using “Convert”, you should have in mind the following:

  1. “Convert” requires more time than simple “Switch Off” (if model has many constraints).
  2. Some Cheetah constraints might be not converted into AutoCAD constraints. It may happen, if, for instance, AutoCAD decides that some constraint contradicts to some other constraint (for complicated models AutoCAD often makes mistakes in this decision).
  3. After model is converted the resulted model might be non-resolvable for AutoCAD solver (the model might be too complicated for this solver).

Thus, there are good reasons not to convert Cheetah constraints into AutoCAD constraints but keep working in Cheetah mode and save Cheetah constraints in dwg-files.

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