Cheetah tab of AutoCAD Options Dialog

As we already mentioned, when you installed Cheetah Solver plugin for AutoCAD, Cheetah tab is added to Options Dialog (see Fig. 6). You can select here some Cheetah options:

Cheetah settings in AutoCAD Options Dialog
  • First of all, you can define Accuracy for Cheetah Solver to work. You can choose Low accuracy (it means that you prefer to solve system of constraints equations up to residuals to become lower than 10-6), you can choose Normal accuracy (to make residuals less than 10-12), or you can choose Custom accuracy (set the norm of residuals that you prefer – let’s say, 10-9).
  • The next option that you can set in the Options Dialog is “Allow Cheetah Solver Plugin send usage statistics”. If this check box is selected, Cheetah Plugin will send to Cloud Invent some information on your usage of plugin. Don’t be afraid, we receive only information on how long you use plugin – nothing more. If you allow us to receive this information (you should be connected to Internet), it will help us to improve our product. Certainly, you can uncheck this option.
  • And the last option that might be changed is the “Auto Zoom Dimension” – by default in Release 2.0 it is checked.
    This option relates to the behavior of dimensional constraints in Cheetah mode. In the native AutoCAD mode when you zoom the drawing, the size of arrows and the size dimensional constraints annotations don’t change.In Cheetah plugin, we implemented dimensional constraints using Annotate Dimensions. This annotation doesn’t preserve the size when you zoom your drawing. Such was the behavior of Cheetah dimensional constraints in Release 1.0.

    In Release 2.0 you can choose whether you prefer automatic zoom of dimensions (in this case you should check “Auto Zoom Dimensions”), or use the behavior of annotate dimensions (without automatic zoom).

    Even if you choose automatic zoom (we recommend to do it), you still have all the annotation functionality of AutoCAD – you can customize color, style, size and font of dimension text and arrows. In standard AutoCAD mode, you have no such an option for dimensional constraints – font, style and size are fixed.

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